Read this article while imagining the concept of the game of chess.

When you start a game, always have a mindset of winning—and having fun as well. You must plan every move you take, and use it as an advantage. You only have one move every time, so make it a worthwhile investment. Never underrate the power of a legitimate opening. Your opening is the base of every move you take. Establish a proper foundation for your business.

Another wonderful thing about chess is that it teaches you how to sacrifice. Sacrifice is an important aspect in your business. Without sacrificing time, money, energy, and other vital things, your business will not go any further and will just be in a dormant state. Make sacrifices and gain an advantage. Make sacrifices and benefit from it in the longer run.

Anticipate on your opponent’s every move—you may benefit or lose something from it. Learn from their experiences, and think on how you can apply it on your future moves. Be multi-tasking.

The most important and popular thing about business and chess is being two moves ahead of your opponent. You must think ahead. Think on the effect of the move you are taking. And make very sure that you do not waste it. Ponder on it well, and do not grow impatient because you might lose some of your pieces. Grasp the cost of patience. Be aware of traps and set backs—you might fall for them. It is important that you also enjoy the business you are handling. Make the game of chess yours. And have fun playing!