Getting noticed in the world wide web and getting higher conversion rates aren’t easy tasks to accomplish, despite what people who accomplished both might say. How could they be? As of the time this post is posted, there are about two billion (and climbing) websites in the internet. And of these websites, how many are focused on the niche you are focused on? How many are trying to fish the same audience as you? There are probably hundreds, nay even millions.

How are you going to stand out from the crowd? How are you going to attract your targeted audience, and convert them?

“Hang on a second, convert? What convert?” I hear you say.

Website conversion is getting your audience to do for you what you intended them to do the moment they landed a virtual step on your website. You wanted them to sign up for a newsletter? Buy an item? Or perhaps to just share your content in their social medias. If your audience does anything that you wanted them to do, then they are converted.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get back to the question of how are you going to attract people and convert them?

This is how design becomes critical.

Think about it. Yes, there are tons of complicated strategies of SEO-ing your site (you know, the process of getting search engines to rank your site higher and send more traffic your way). But everything starts small. And you have to lay the strong foundation before seeking out the bigger fishes. You have to make a good and lasting first impression. And there is one major way to win the hearts of the masses in the first possible instant: magnificent DESIGN.


The Power of Design

It’s not rocket science. People judge by looks. It’s just how we think. And you, as an aspiring success in your niche, wants to exploit that plain and simple fact. And there are two ways you can make a good impression using design in the first instant: COLOR and FONT.



Color the first thing people notice in a website. It is like the Eiffel is to Paris, you know, big and noticeable. You can use it to make your site look clean and pleasant, or you can make it look horrible and ugly. Or you can use color to drive your purpose forward.

Yes, you read that right. Color can be used to influence your site visitors to do what you want them to do.

Studies show that color affects human behavior. But mastering the art of mixing the colors to achieve a certain psychological influence on others is not easy either. So, baby steps.

Here are the basic effects of basic colors to the mind.

Red – this color is powerful. Its effect is physical. It stimulates and gives a sense of urgency. Using this color to draw attention to certain elements in your site is guaranteed effective.

Blue – soothing. Blue is soothing. It affects us mentally. Strong shades of blue stimulates clear thought while lighter blues calm the mind. It also gives the sense of clear communication.

Yellowthe most emotional of colors; thus the most psychological of them. It exudes optimism and lifts up the spirit as well as confidence. However, when combined with the wrong scheme of colors, it can cause the opposite of what it does on its own.

Green green is reassuring. It depicts a safe environment. And that is actually very logical. Nature is filled with green, therefore we associate it with being at home.

Violet often described purple, violet is deeply affected by blue’s darker hues. It promotes meditation higher form of thought than that of strong blues. It is also very closely associated with royalty and the finest quality possible. Excessive use of it can cause too much introspection, though.

Orange a combination of red and yellow, orange affects us both emotionally and physically. It focuses our minds on issues of physical comfort – shelter, sensuality, warmth and food. Oranges, anyone?

Pink having a tint of red, pink also affects us physically. However, instead of stimulating, it soothes. Because it is often associated with femininity, pink is nurturing. Too much of it can be physically draining and emasculating.

Grey this color is dampening. It depresses and makes us feel nothing. Which makes it a perfect tool for bringing out the important colors in a design.

Black secretive and mysterious. It can be menacing since many people are afraid of the dark. However, black is oftentimes taken seriously and it communicates sophistication and uncompromising excellence. This color works well with a lot of other colors, especially white.

White white is the epitome of purity. It is clean, hygienic and sterile. It also gives a heightened perception of space.

Browna very solid and reliable color; a lot people find it supportive because of how we see it as how the ground is.



Sweet Font

Fun Font

Scary Font

I think I’ve made my point. Font matters. It drives a message.

In the examples above, you get the idea that the first one is sweet and romantic.
The second is playful and friendly.
And the third one is likely to give me nightmares and shivers in the shower.

There is still science and psychology involved when it comes to font and how humans perceive what they say not based on the words, but on the appearance. Nickkolenda gave a full explanation and discussion about the topic of font psychology.


Now these are just two of the biggest ways you can make a good start on attracting visitors and building up your conversion rate. If you are worried that your site will not be a success because of how the big names in the niche are taking all the fish in the market, be assured that there are just too many fish in the ocean for a few top-of-the-line hooks to get them all. And the fish that bite your hook, make sure you work your magic on them. The magic of website design.

You can also start applying it to the face of your business – your logo!

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