In the past, I always make sure that our website homepage is beautiful. Upon checking our traffic data, I noticed that most of our visitors dropped right away while still in homepage section.

I just couldn’t let that happen.

We all need our prospects to proceed to contacting us right?


Do they really get enough information to decide to contact us?

I realized that it’s not enough to be beautiful……

Now,after dedicating my time to improve our website in that aspect, I come up with the most crucial ones in improving your homepage to hook your clients.


Here are the 7 vital elements you must set-up to the front or homepage of your website


1.) HERO BANNER OR BIG IMAGE ( above the fold)

The homepage/hero banner is a powerful area that reflects who you are as a brand, where you are in your industry, and what your quality of products and services are like. It is where you make sure you’re sending the right message to your consumers because this is the very first thing they’ll see upon opening your homepage.

With the hero layout in front when a visitor open your website, you have a whole world of possibilities in front of you- A solid color background with a content box and single button? Or a picture that just so happens to interact (statically) with an opt-in form.

Take advantage of this section by adding your phone number or contact us button.



Right after your above fold, you can either add a short info about your company that also gives a clear tip to your visitors what you can offer them.

Be sensitive to your clients.

Imagine your self going into a hotel’s lobby.

Are you going to ask the front desk who owns the hotel, who founded it, and when it’s anniversary?

You’re going to check if they cater your needs right?

So don’t forget to use this section to briefly inform your clients how you can help them or what you can give them.

Then a call to action button right after this section will be great!



This should be split up into the primary reasons people buy your services, with labeled headers to match.

For example ‘Shop’, ‘Sell’ and ‘Trainings’. Doing this means people can relate your headers to solutions to their problems in a fast and effective manner.

Don’t forget your call to action button then!



Posting feedback are better especially if you’re selling a product or services on your website, customer testimonials can be a key content element because they are unbiased comments that prompt visitors to buy or connect to you.

By using testimonials in text, audio or video formats on your site, you introduce content that will promote your services in convincing fashion.

Testimonials help establish credibility.

Testimonials work because they aren’t strong sales pitches but an unbiased voice and establish trust.

You’re using real people to show success in your product or services.

Not just that, it is proven that posting feedback enhance sales conversion in your website.



We’ll strategically place a contact form at the bottom of each page that makes sense or a pop-up form where visitors can immediately inquire about your services and all.

It should be standing out and catching your visitor’s eyes.



Most importantly, your website’s homepage must be ‘Responsive‘ and built with Wordress platform.

Since most people today are using mobile devices -Phones and tablets – besides the computer itself,if your website is built to be mobile responsive, your website will automatically adjusts based on the device the viewer sees it in making it easy for them to engage with the services you offer.



We all want to prettify our property. Sometimes, we even put everything in 1 basket.

You have to remember, functionality is more important to the customers.

Your design should guide them, not lost them.

If you are considering to start a website for your business, read this article I created to help you have a better start.

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